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Introducing BEACON Reporting

By January 29, 2020DealerOn

Guiding your dealership’s path to profitability and performance in 2020, DealerOn is proud to announce the latest addition to our platform, BEACON. In this weeks Wednesday Workshop, we’ll scratch the surface on this innovative new reporting suite available to all DealerOn customers!


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Hi everyone, I’m Tina and today I’m proud to introduce DealerOn’s new reporting platform called BEACON. BEACON answers all those burning questions you’ve probably had about your website’s performance, and most importantly – in a user-friendly easy to understand interface.  

Tired of going to multiple locations like Google Analytics and spreadsheets to view leads and visitor counts? BEACON is designed to be your one stop shop for access to important metrics on your Digital Advertising and Website performance. We also have an amazing new ROI tool built right in, but I’ll save that for another session.  

Let’s start with our website reporting. We all understand time is precious, so that is why we built our Website Overview report to let you know what aspects of your website are performing well and what might not be. Three of the most important metrics to gauge website performance are; Users, Leads and Conversion Rate. As you can see you can quickly identify these points in the Key Metrics section of the report. 

To gain more in-depth insight, take a look at our revamped Marketing Leads Source and Acquisition reports. Understand the highest performing lead sources by month or overall and talk with our Customer Support Specialists on tips to keep your percent change always in the green. Our acquisition report tracks user generated traffic by all sources and channels. Quickly see which channels have the highest conversion rate or lowest bounce rate, or on the flip side, understand which channels have a higher bounce rate, so that you can tailor your website to decrease this pain point.  

One new great feature is our Inventory Performance report. Here, we’ve combined three reports into one, to give you a clean view of how you can ultimately move vehicles off of your lot faster. Starting off with the missing information area, we show you at a glance and in detail which VINs don’t have dealer photos, comments or prices. All key information proven to sell inventory faster. It also helps you identify vehicles you may want to start to incentivize, because they’ve been sitting on your lot for too long. With a simple click of a button, create a special for that aging vehicle that automatically shows on your website! Our reporting seamlessly integrates with DealerOn’s Enterprise Specials Manager, so you no longer have to remember which VIN you saw in reporting and then look it up and create the special from scratch in another application. 

The last section of this report shows every new and used vehicle on your website, whether it’s on your lot or shared with another dealership in your group. See the number of page views and leads for each vehicle and track the engagement over time. The quick search within the widget allows for ease of filtering and sorting through hundreds of vehicles. It also makes suggestions to better merchandise the vehicle. 

Let’s turn to our Digital Advertising reports. In a rush? Start with our clear and concise Channel Summary to understand which advertising channels are driving the most impressions and leads to your dealership. Each channel – search, display, video and social have their own report for you to dive deeper into the metrics to see how each campaign is performing over a given time period. Let our SEM experts walk you through this or take the driver seat to make data driven decision into which campaigns to invest more money.  

Interested in the bigger picture? Go directly to our Monthly Trends report to view a rolling 13 month’s worth of data on all of your channel performance as well as metrics pulled form Google Analytics. Track performance trends month over month or easily view the growth of your advertising from the same time last year. Each data point comes with tooltip explanations to allow you to confidently understand how these metrics impact your dealership and ability to drive customers to your site.  

For all of you out there interested in Leads, we have a report dedicated to that. This section combines leads data from DealerOn’s leads system and your call-tracking provider in one simple view to see how many call and form leads your dealership received in a given time frame. To unpack more details about the form leads, click the simple link in the table to jump right over to the Leads management tool. By providing links to other DealerOn products, you’ll never have to wonder where to look for something again! 

So that’s our BEACON reporting tool in a nutshell – I could go on and on, but why don’t you just check it out for yourself!  

Thanks for watching! 

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