Symphony Automation Suite

Automatically create, syndicate, and monitor your special offers.

Automate Your Special Offers

Create digital marketing harmony with every aspect of your dealership’s digital presence, from online specials creation to digital advertising – automatically. Dealer’s will not only save tens of thousands of dollars per year, but also hundreds of hours in time spent on the end to end process of managing specials.

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Symphony Automation

Save Time & Money

With Symphony Specials and Symphony Local Listings working for your dealership, you are conducting your business like a true maestro. Read our DealerOn University feature for an in-depth look at the ways automating your special offers will increase your store efficiency and boost your website lead generation potential.

Symphony TV

Symphony TV

Seamlessly integrate your digital advertising with widely used streaming platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Samsung TV, collectively known as OTT/CTV (Over-the-Top and Connected TV).

  • Symphony TV is powered by DriveAuto’s Intelligent Audience Tool ensuring your ads are laser-focused on the right viewers at the right time.
  • As vehicles are sold or new stock arrives, Symphony TV automatically adjusts your ad content, reflecting the real-time status of your dealership’s inventory.