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Automotive SEO is absolutely vital to the success of your dealership.

Getting to the top of Google isn’t easy. It takes experience, expertise, and dedicated effort over the long term. There are no shortcuts. Except for one: partnering with DealerOn.

Why Automotive SEO?

Because of the proliferation of the internet and most dealers having all their inventory online, a potential customer now takes a few weeks — or even months. The difference? They aren’t coming into the dealership showroom to do it. In fact, only 1.25 dealerships are visited before a new vehicle is purchased. So really, you only have one chance to be “that” dealership. Assuming you have an amazing, expertly converting and constantly-being-optimized-for-success website, you’re already ahead of the game. But what about showing up on searches when the customer is looking for “the one”? Your automotive SEO (search engine optimization) game must be on point or you’re not going to be found.

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Win the competition for Google’s front page

Approximately 90% of people click a link on the first page of Google’s results when searching for something, and that number plunges down to just 4.5% when you move to page 2. Beyond that, there isn’t much hope that your website will ever be seen. In fact, of the 13 spots available on Google’s first page, 3 of them will be taken up by local map results, plus 3-5 more by the 3rd-party listing sites like Autotrader. That means your dealership (and every other dealership in your area) are competing for the same 8 spots.

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We’re the SEO experts

Search engines like Google “read” your website and determine where it’s going to rank on their search engine results pages (or SERPs, for short). If your website isn’t optimized, then you don’t stand a chance of showing up on the first page. In other words, your site needs to be sending the right signals so it’s recognized as an awesome dealership for Google to show your potential customers. If your dealership wants to be visible online, then you’ll need a solid automotive SEO strategy to do it. That’s where the experts at DealerOn come in.

A personal touch makes all the difference

If you’ve done any research into DealerOn, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on having a personal touch. We always use real people to optimize our clients’ websites — it’s never an automated process. We only let our SEO consultants work on a small number of dealerships, which means there’s just one person handling all of your SEO needs. You’ll get much better results than the other agencies who utilize using multiple teams where no one really knows who you are. Our strategies are unique and well-executed, and our results are consistent. Plus, you don’t have to sign up for our SEO services to learn how to do it. We’ll teach you! Check out our blog and our Wednesday Workshop videos and you’ll become a Local SEO pro in no time.

Local SEO Focus: Our Approach

Local SEO is critical for getting your dealership the best visibility in local searches. In fact, boosting your site’s local SEO signals will give your dealership more visibility than solely focusing on organic SEO. That’s where DealerOn comes in. Because, honestly, we’re pros at this.