Cyrus Digital Assistant

Transform your website into a conversational platform.

Say hello to the future of digital engagement with Cyrus. Get ready for a seamless, interactive customer journey that elevates your dealership experience to new heights.

Cyrus is DealerOn’s solution to digital engagement, built with our partners at Pypestream. For shoppers who need assistance, Cyrus provides conversational engagement throughout your website. For dealers who want to transform their website into a conversational platform, Cyrus is a high-quality AI and automation solution that seamlessly connects with shoppers throughout their entire website experience helping them shop for a vehicle, value their trade, and schedule service appointments.

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Platform Highlights

  • Conversational AI using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify tone, sentiment, and even emojis
  • Connected to website inventory and specials
  • Trade valuations powered by Trade Pending
  • GPT-3 integration empowers Cyrus to generate responses for out-of-scope queries
  • Gamify the conversational experience with rich assets (carousels, date pickers, sliders and more)
  • Gracefully nudges users to provide lead information when they’re most likely to do so.
  • When a user mentions a make or model, Cyrus distinguishes between inventory, features, or service aspects of that vehicle.
  • Omni-Channel Chat via Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS (coming soon)
  • Robust dealer portal to manage chats at the dealership or through a service provider (coming soon)
  • Seamless service scheduling through Xtime integration (coming soon)