Apex Digital Retail

Digital Retailing, Made Easy!

APEX revolutionizes the car buying experience for both dealers and customers by making the experience not only easy, but intuitive!

A native customer-first eCommerce technology designed to allow shoppers browsing your inventory to instantly design a payment plan tailored to their needs. Its unique interface creates a transparent shopping process between you and your customers that fosters trust and speeds up the car buying process.

Apex bridges the gap between online and off-line shopping by guiding customers through an easy trade valuation process, smart incentive selection, F&I accessory menu, live credit pulls/decisioning and document uploads – saving you time and money while creating a seamless consumer experience for your customers.

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Loaded With Great Features

Vehicle Accessory Sales Powered by Insignia Group

Built in partnership with Insignia Group, sell vehicle accessories directly through the Apex Digital Retail application on your website. Car buyers can browse vehicle accessories, view them on their vehicle using an advanced 3D interface, and add them to their final vehicle offer, including labor rates.

F&I Menu Suggestion Engine

Fully customizable F&I Menu Suggestion Engine to give your shoppers a wide range of F&I products and services to choose from during their pricing experience. Let APEX do the heavy lifting on F&I upsell opportunities and educate your customers before they ever arrive in your showroom. APEX will show your shoppers warranty and protection plans based on their unique needs.

KBB & TradePending Integration

You asked, we delivered. For nearly a century Kelley Blue Book has been one of the most trusted used car value resources on the planet. Now, in addition to Trade Pending, APEX supports Kelley Blue Book Trade-in valuations, consistent with the tools already on your site. This gives you full access to your favorite KBB Trade-in features and one of the largest and most popular Trade-in databases in the world. We have other Trade-in partners on the horizon, so stay tuned.

Home Test-Drive Powered by Draiver

Ready for on-demand home test drives? DealerOn and Draiver have you covered. The APEX Draiver Home Test Drive integration allows you the ability to provide on-demand vehicle test drive service to your customers. The service is integrated with our APEX Digital Retail platform, optimized for your convenience. If you still have questions about whether home test drive is right for your dealership, schedule a demo and we’ll show you how APEX with Draiver can save you money, time, and effort.

Full Gating Customizations

APEX gives you complete control over your lead gating experience. Whether it’s through our Graceful Gate experience, a structured approach to calculating offers that guide shoppers through their pricing experience or going Gateless and allowing shoppers to calculate their deals without entering personal information until the end, APEX has your dealership covered. APEX isn’t only focused on giving your shoppers the most efficient, easy-to-use Digital Retail experience in the market; we’re laser-focused on giving you customization and control, because nobody knows your shoppers needs better than you.

Captive & Non-Captive Lenders

APEX now features both Captive & Non-Captive Lenders, giving you and your customers even more flexibility in creating the best offer for your unique needs. If you want to offer specific lenders to your customers, the fully configurable lending options in APEX allow you to adjust your lending preferences at any time. As a bonus to this great feature, APEX now uses those non-captive lenders to calculate finance payments on used vehicles, making the APEX shopping experience even more fluid and efficient.

Advanced User Interface

APEX has an easy-to-use, data-driven user interface that makes it faster and easier than ever for your shoppers to create unique vehicle offers. Since APEX was released, we’ve been listening to your feedback, conducting user studies, and working diligently behind-the-scenes to bring your shoppers the ultimate Digital Retail experience. The APEX interface now features Predictive Incentive Selection, Smart Payment Calculation, and F&I Suggestions to create a seamless digital retail experience that demystifies a lot of the dealer-specific language that confuses online car shoppers.

Predictive Incentive Selection

APEX’s Predictive Incentive Selection saves shoppers the headache of determining which incentives theyre eligible for. With those selections out of the way shoppers are free to quickly build their personalized vehicle offer. Best of all? The technical wizardry all happens behind-the-scenes while APEX chooses the best incentives for them.

Smart Payment Calculation

A wide variety of finance, lease, and cash payment options based on unique information provided by the shopper allows them to easily compare their personalized offers and incentives. As soon as shoppers begin entering information into APEX the Smart Payment system jumps into action, creating custom offers that shoppers can compare and modify according to their unique needs. The result is a fast, easy-to-use Digital Retail experience that lets your customers breeze through the finance process and get to the fun part, driving away in their new dream vehicle.

Seamless Customer Experience

Customers can easily revisit their conditional offers through a simple link or QR code sent via email. They will find all their details preserved when they return to their offers, ensuring a seamless experience.

The Apex of Shopper Engagement

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