Forget printing coupons… Send them to your customers’ phones instead

DealerOn has recently rolled out a new integration with Android Pay and Apple Wallet that lets our dealers’ customers add Service Coupons and Offers directly to Android Pay or Apple Wallet on their Android or Apple phone. After a consumer adds the coupon to their device, the dealer may update the offers, provide new images or even update an expiration to the coupon directly on the customer’s phone, without them ever returning to the dealer’s website. Additionally the coupons have a geo-targeting functionality that is triggered when a customer is within a specified distance of the dealership. When a customer enters that area, DealerOn’s integration with Android Pay/Apple Wallet automatically pushes a notification to the customer’s phone telling them that they are near the location where they can take advantage and redeem their coupon. This turns the static offer on a dealer’s website into a direct-to-consumer dynamic coupon system.

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