Win more local customers with geo-fencing and targeted offers on desktop and mobile

The Lead Driver is a highly effective, non-intrusive way to target potential customers on both mobile and desktop. It’s a popup, not an ad, and so it won’t be blocked by ad-blockers. You can customize the offer to meet your needs. Whether you want to offer $500 off of new vehicles, provide a special discount for service orders, or provide nearly any kind of offer to entice your site visitors to submit a lead to you, with Lead Driver, you can increase your leads by up to 30% or more, and increase ROI on your existing advertising.

Geo-Fencing with Targeted Offers

For most car dealers, consumer “showrooming” – shopping a competing dealer’s website while visiting a dealer’s showroom, is now the norm, not the exception. According to Google’s study “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own”, half of all car shoppers use their mobile phones while on a dealer’s lot, and their top action is to confirm they are receiving a good price (by shopping competing dealers and 3rd party sites).

DealerOn’s platform gives our dealers the ability to conquest consumers who are “showrooming” (checking out their website from a competitor’s lot) by pushing targeted offers to website visitors, based on their actual location. Dealers can create any number and variety of offers that will fire only to visitors located within the dealer defined parameters (LAT/LON, plus a radius, 500 feet, one mile, etc., targeting that offer).

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