Want 30% more leads that will help you sell 10+ more cars per month?

DealerOn’s Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting has been proven through years of testing to deliver an average of a 30% increase in leads. Furthermore, our clients who have used Behavioral Targeting have sold 10-20 more cars per month.

A smart alternative to a modal popup
Behavioral Targeting is sensitive to your customers’ user experience. Offers are provided non-intrusively at key, relevant moments in interaction. Behavioral Targeting accomplishes this by analyzing your customers behavior in real-time while they are interacting with your site, then providing a relevant offer at key break points in their behavior, such as when they are about to jump off of the page. The result is a natural, easy interaction flow, not a jarring break that turns people off.

Choose your offers, choose where they show up. Enjoy ultimate flexibility.

Behavioral Targeting allows you to create a variety of offers to show. You can choose from a curated selection of offers that we have developed or create a customer offer on your own. The actual offer that your customer will see will depend upon how your customer has interacted with your site up to the point thatBehavioral Targeting engages them. You’re in complete control.

With the flexibility of choosing on which pages different offers show up, Behavioral Targeting allows to get very fine-grained in how you target your customers. Want to catch customers leaving your service page with a 10% service offer? No problem. Want to give $500 off to a customer who has finished browsing new vehicles? Behavioral Targeting has you covered. The combinations are nearly limitless.

A/B Testing

Use our suite of A/B testing tools with Behavioral Targeting to find out which offers work best on which pages. Nearly unlimited combinations allow you to set up as simple or as complex of a scenario as you need. 

Bold design, lightning speed

Behavioral Targeting is visually appealing and easy to read and use, with designs that have been extensively user tested. The code that runs Behavioral Targeting is extremely efficient and optimized and has virtually no impact on your site load time.

Works on desktop & mobile

Behavioral Targeting is equally effective on desktop and mobile. Behavioral Targeting understands how user behavior manifests on different devices, and adjusts its behavior to best suit the device that your customer is using to shop on your site.

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