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Who We Are: Dylan McLane, Director of Design and Implementation

By October 22, 2021Who We Are
Who We Are: Dylan McLane
Who We Are: Dylan McLane

We’ve got a fantastic Who We Are interview for you this week! We had the chance to sit down with our Director of Design and Implementation, Dylan McLane and spoke about everything from his passion for soccer to what has made his team’s so successful at DealerOn. Don’t miss it!

Who We Are: Dylan McLane


What team are you on? And what is your role/job title?

I am the Director of Implementation and Design, and am technically a part of two different departments, the Implementations Team and the Front-end Design Team.


How does your team/role contribute to the success of DealerOn?

We start from the implementation side of things. Implementation is the step that follows the sales process in the lifecycle of a DealerOn website product. My team oversees onboarding clients, consulting them on best practices, making sure that we are launching approved sites based on program in OEM restrictions. We also make sure that when dealers launch, they have an amazing first experience and have a site that’s going to convert based on DealerOn best practices. From the design perspective. I am in charge of the Onboarding Team, which creates homepages and migrates a lot of the dealers’ content. In addition, I run the team that supports our live dealers with any of their specific website design requests and as well as the Solutions Team which fully supports our OEM partners to push their goals on a month-to-month basis.


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What do you like most about working at DealerOn?

That one’s an easy one, the culture at DealerOn and I’m certain my colleagues feel the same way. The company’s accepting nature, in letting people be whoever they are, is wonderful. What I like most about this company, even if it’s a cliche, is that we have a great culture. I’ve historically found at companies there’s a specific culture that you need to fit into, and if you don’t fit in, you can quickly become ostracized, even if otherwise the culture is great. For DealerOn, the culture truly is you can be whoever you want and that is accepted and fully embraced. DealerOn wants to develop you as a professional and a human being. It’s really a pleasure to be a part of DealerOn.


What is a fun fact about you that people don’t know?

I am a massive soccer or football fan with the double O. In terms of the English Premier League specifically, I’m a massive Manchester City fan. It is on my bucket list to go over to Manchester and see a Manchester City/Manchester United game and be a part of that atmosphere. I could not be more excited to do that in the future.

For DealerOn, the culture truly is you can be whoever you want and that is accepted and fully embraced.

Who or what motivates you?

That’s an easy one. My team, the people that I work with, are what motivates me. DealerOn was going through a rebuilding stage coming out of the Ford direct launch, and my team was raw, and I could not be prouder of what we became. Watching everyone grow and blossom into true professionals every single day is a pleasure, so without a doubt what motivates me is supporting that team and helping them to be as successful as they possibly can every single day.


What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about fulfilling the cultural opportunities that DealerOn affords us. Creating a fun, safe, comfortable work environment for my team. It’s exciting to create an environment where people are excited to come to work every day, they’re excited to make an impact. DealerOn affords us that opportunity to have this working environment that we can come in excited energized every day to truly make an impact not only for ourselves, but for our clients.


Who from present day inspires you?

This this one not to get all sappy, but my fiancé inspires me every single day, without her, I am just a shell of a man. Her extensive work ethic, her organization. If I could accomplish half of what she’s able to in a single day, that would be a feat in and of itself.


Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I am an avid golfer. Any chance I get to play, I will jump at the opportunity. Doesn’t matter if it’s 6am wake up for a 7am tee time in 30-degree weather with rain forecast. For me it’s how I recharge my battery. There’s nothing more relaxing than being out on the golf course surrounded by nature, working on a game that is damn nearly impossible to perfect. My fiancé will tell you, I get a little cranky when I’m not able to play golf at least once a week.


Do you have any unusual phobias?

I have a fear of failing and letting people down. It’s a blessing and a curse, because it really does drive me to be as successful as I can and work well with others. Some of my most anxious moments as a professional are potentially dealing with confrontation where I am not able to fulfill something to the best of my abilities.


Alright, last question. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I was going to say the ability to teleport, but I feel like everybody says that. So I went outside the box. I would like to have the ability not to have to go to sleep. They could call me Insomnia Man.

I wouldn’t be the first person that they call to stop a comet from hitting the earth or creature from the ocean but think about how efficient I would be with eight extra hours in a day. I’d be in the meeting rooms, creating plans for the guys with the real superhero powers.


In the van they generally don’t get blown up.

Right? I don’t need the sexiest superpower. I’m okay with being the guy behind the scenes telling people want to do and having a plan.


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