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Cosmos Platform Case Study: Bryan Easler Toyota

By June 13, 2023Case Study
Bryan Easler Toyota Cosmos Platform Case Study
Bryan Easler Toyota Cosmos Platform Case Study

The Cosmos platform’s brand-new Search Results Pages, Vehicle Details Pages, and advanced features set the stage for shopper engagement to skyrocket on the Bryan Easler Toyota website.

Bryan Easler Toyota Cosmos Platform Case Study

Bryan Easler Toyota saw a 47% increase in VDP engagement after switching to the Cosmos website platform. Read the Case Study

Headquartered in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Bryan Easler Toyota is dedicated to delivering an exceptional car buying experience to their customers. Already recognized in 2019 as a top dealership, Easler knew their digital presence had room for improvement.

That commitment to providing a high-quality digital experience for their customers led them to choose DealerOn as their website provider in January 2020. They were so thrilled with their DealerOn products that they jumped at the chance to try DealerOn’s new all-in-one digital platform, Cosmos.


“The tools that come with Cosmos have been incredibly useful and easy to use. By having all these great features and automations at our disposal, we can focus on what we do best, generating leads and sales.”

Dave Williams, Internet Sales Manager, Bryan Easler Toyota


They were eager to take advantage of the advanced features exclusive to the Cosmos Platform. The new Search Results Page (SRP) and Vehicle Details Page (VDP), Shop-By-Payments options, and an assortment of native applications created a variety of new lead generation opportunities.

With a focus on putting vehicle images front and center, Bryan Easler Toyota saw a massive increase in shoppers engaging with their vehicle photos. As a result, more website visitors than ever were interacting with their vehicle listings and getting an in-depth look at their future purchase.

Read the Case Study

Cosmos Powered By DealerOn

The future of car buying has arrived.

We are proud to present Cosmos, a native e-commerce platform that exposes payments to car shoppers the moment they arrive at your website. Cosmos leverages an open retailing experience that showcases lease and finance payments or mirrors the payments offered by third party digital retailing tools. Equipped with a large suite of automation tools, Cosmos will save you time and money.

Here are just some of the additional benefits that you will see with your new Cosmos Website:

  • New Amazon-Inspired Search Results Page
  • Customizable and Automated Specials Builder
  • Improved Customer Engagement with New Loop Products
  • Double Digit Lead Percentage Increases
  • The Fastest Loading Website Platform in Automotive
  • Industry Leading Uptime

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