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Feature Friday: Behavioral Targeting System (BTS)

Behavioral Target System
Behavioral Target System

In this Feature Friday we’re taking a look at the Behavioral Targeting System, or BTS for short. BTS is part of our Lead Driver family of products, designed and developed to dramatically increase your website conversions.


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Welcome back to another Feature Friday from DealerOn.

If your dealership website isn’t optimized to drive leads, it’s not doing a key part of its job. At DealerOn, we have a number of tools designed to convert car shoppers into high closing leads. This week, we’re going to cover one of the best at doing just that. Generating an average lead volume increase of over 30% Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting is a great unobtrusive addition to your website lead gen strategy.

Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting is designed to serve up personalized offers to customers based on their shopping behavior.

It features a curated selection of offers optimized to convert shoppers into leads. Using a proprietary algorithm the software tracks the user’s journey through the website in real time, measuring intent and their likelihood to convert. Right as a shopper is about to leave the site Behavioral Targeting System triggers and serves up an offer relevant to their browsing session.

Offers can be paired to specific pages. For example, if a customer was browsing your service department’s page, you can deliver a 10% off service coupon.

As with all of our products, DealerOn offers A/B testing to ensure the optimal ads are always being served to your customers.

Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting is easy to use, with streamlined code that keeps your website loading fast. It works equally well on desktop and mobile, so that no matter what device your customer uses to browse your site, you’ll be receiving high quality leads.

How effective is Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting? Extensive testing over the last 5 years has shown that it generates 30% more leads with a proven high closing percentage.

DealerOn’s Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting is a proven lead generator. But don’t take my word for it. Head over to for your free demo today. Thanks for watching.

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