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By February 19, 2020DealerOn

How to sell more vehicles your customers love with BEACON ROI. 

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to another edition of Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn. A few weeks ago, I introduced our new Reporting suite, BEACON, and today I’d like to focus on one of its key companion featuresBEACON ROI.  

BEACON ROI is a tool for you to understand how your digital investments are paying off. The tool integrates with your DMS provider to obtain sales data, which allows us to match leads generated on your website directly to sales. You can now see the EXACT return on investment for every dollar spent on your Digital Advertising and other online efforts. 

We ultimately want to help you sell more cars your customer’s love! 

Two main features that can help you achieve this goal are Top Selling Vehicles and Best-Selling Areas by Zip. We compile all vehicles sold during a time frame you select and display the top six in a clear and visually pleasing format. This is further broken down by plotting these vehicles on a map to display the top make and models by zip code 

By providing you with this data, you can make analytical and thoughtful decisions on how to market your most profitable and sell-able vehicles.  

The Top Selling Vehicles feature also integrates with DealerOn’s Enterprise Specials Manager, allowing you to start the specials creation process from within BEACON ROI.  

Tap into Geofencing features to advertise or send specials within the zip code boundaries the Best-Selling Areas map highlights.  

Now, Let’s take a turn to what else this product can do for you to increase your ROI. We display two main views, one for your digital advertising investments and one for your website performance.  

On the advertising side, total advertising spend, revenue and gross profit are shown broken out by New and Used vehicles. Your total ROI, calculated from these data points, is clearly displayed below. We also let you know if your ROI has increased and by how much from the previous time period, so that you can more easily keep track of your growth.  

Have you wondered which advertising campaigns drive the most sales? We are able to match-back your sales from leads generated by these campaigns to provide you with an exact sale count and dollar profit amount. 

Work with our SEM specialist to enhance campaigns that might not drive the most sales to increase their ROI.  

Flip the toggle to the website side where we walk you through your lead to sale match back. Understand total call and form leads that led to sales for a selected time frame. We further break this down by the sources or channels that produced the most sales and profit.  

That’s all the time we have for today. If you have comments or questions, post them down below and we will get back to you soon. 

Thanks for watching another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn! 

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